At Eastern Suburbs Montessori our vision is:

“To provide excellence in Montessori Education in New Zealand.”

Our mission is:

  • to provide a Montessori education that supports our students to become lifelong learners who are active participants in their learning and willing contributors to their local and global community
  • to acknowledge and recognise individual strengths of our students and provide opportunities for them to utilise these qualities to add value to their learning
  • to support our staff with regular professional development and ensure high quality Montessori training is achieved
  • to encourage community participation that supports the holistic development of our students
  • to have a communication system that informs, accepts feedback and provides support to our community

Eastern Suburbs Montessori Guiding Principles:

Nurturing the human spirit by respecting self, others, and the environment, providing connection, communication and collaboration.

Educating for peace by embracing diversity, celebrating the joy of discovery, and practising honesty and humility.

Creating an environment to foster a love of learning, by enhancing freedom with responsibility, valuing creativity and appreciating individuality.