Two groups that you will have contact with during your family’s involvement with Eastern Suburbs Montessori Primary School (ESMPS) are the Trust and the PTA.


ESMPS is governed and administered by a registered Charitable Trust which was formed as a body to manage, fund and supply all buildings, facilities and materials. The Trust was established to ensure a quality Montessori learning environment would be available to children in Auckland and would continue to flourish.

The Trust is also responsible for the sourcing of Montessori qualified staff and finances the provision of any teachers or teacher aides additional to government teacher funding entitlement.

The Trustees are a group of dedicated parents working together in conjunction with the Board of Trustees of Glendowie School, to provide Montessori learning as a special programme in Glendowie School.


ESMPS also has a Parent-Teacher Association, commonly known as the PTA. All parents of children enrolled in ESMPS are automatically members of the ESMPS PTA and are encouraged to become involved in the social and community events of our school.

Because students of ESMPS are enrolled in Glendowie School, their parents and caregivers are also invited to get involved with the Parents’ Association (PA) and the Board of Trustees (BOT) of the wider school.
More information can be found on the Glendowie School website.